API Serverless News

These are the news items I've curated in my monitoring of the API space that have some relevance to the API definition conversation and I wanted to include in my research. I'm using all of these links to better understand how the space is testing their APIs, going beyond just monitoring and understand the details of each request and response.

Title Source Visit
Serverless Works Best in API Architectures (2017-05-09) thenewstack.io
Serverless Takes DevOps to the Next Level (2017-05-03) www.infoq.com
Considerations for Moving Services to AWS Lambda (2017-05-01) dzone.com
Lessons Learned in Lambda (2017-05-01) collectiveidea.com
How to Go From Zero to Serverless Conclusion (2017-04-19) dzone.com
Switching OpenWhisk Environments (2017-04-22) dzone.com
Serverless Architecture Part 1 (2017-04-22) dzone.com
Announcing the AWS Chatbot Challenge Create Conversational Intelligent Chatbots using Amazon Lex and AWS Lambda (2017-04-21) aws.amazon.com
Watson Service Chaining With OpenWhisk Part 1 of 3 (2017-04-20) www.linux.com
AWS XRay Update General Availability Including Lambda Integration (2017-04-19) aws.amazon.com
Deploying Your Serverless Functions to Google Cloud Platform (2017-04-13) dzone.com
How to Go From Zero to Serverless With Backand Part 1 (2017-04-10) dzone.com
If you missed my OpenWhisk Pig Latin Twitterbot workshop at IBMInterConnnect I have posted full instructions (2017-04-06) twitter.com
Tweet quotSystematic Function Design in JavaScriptquot by wavded httpstcoCeKr4QfqOi (2017-04-07) twitter.com
AWS Lambda Encrypted Environment Variables (2017-04-06) dzone.com
Let serverless solve the technology problems you dont have (2017-04-04) parivedaperspectives.com
What is serverless computing A primer from the DevOps point of view The developerWorks Blog (2017-03-31) developer.ibm.com
What is serverless computing A primer from the DevOps point of view The developerWorks Blog (2017-03-31) developer.ibm.com
What is serverless computing A primer from the DevOps point of view The developerWorks Blog (2017-03-31) developer.ibm.com
Serverless Stack Stepbystep tutorials for creating serverless Reactjs apps (2017-03-23) serverless-stack.com
IBM Advances OpenWhisk Serverless Computing Initiative (2017-03-23) containerjournal.com
Serverless does not mean NoOps (2017-03-24) jaxenter.com
Applying Lambda Architecture on Azure (2017-03-23) www.codeproject.com
What to Look for When Choosing a Serverless Architecture (2017-03-23) news.sys-con.com
Storing Tweets With AWS Lambda and Scheduled Events (2017-03-21) dzone.com
Build a Serverless Slack Bot in 9 Minutes with Nodejs and StdLib (2017-03-21) medium.com
Build Lambda Expressions Dynamically (2017-03-21) www.codeproject.com
Automating AWS Lambda Function Error Handling with AWS Step Functions (2017-03-16) aws.amazon.com
Understand Serverless Architecture in Three Minutes (2017-03-15) www.digitalgov.gov
A Nice API Design Gem Strategy Pattern With Lambdas (2017-03-16) blog.jooq.org
Using Serverless Azure Functions with Auth0 and Google APIs (2017-03-10) auth0.com
Continuously Encrypt Amazon Redshift Loads with S3 KMS and Lambda (2017-03-10) dzone.com
Serverless Computing Dont Throw Your Servers Away Just Yet (2017-03-10) www.channele2e.com
Best practices AWS Lambda function (2017-03-03) cloudncode.blog
Adapting Serverless Architecture (2017-03-04) dzone.com
Serverless Architectures on AWS (2017-03-02) dzone.com
Upgrade Your Apps to Work with Our New Serverless SDK (2017-03-02) blog.backand.com
Serverless Swift on OpenWhisk (2017-03-02) dzone.com
Seeking Simple Serverless Orchestration Check out new StepFunctions Lambda (2017-02-24) github.com
write serverless functions using aws lambda and c (2017-02-24) www.codeproject.com
Serverless REST API with Angular Persistence and Security (2017-02-24) dzone.com
Integrate AWS Lambda into your Backendless apps (2017-02-24) backendless.com
Serverless REST API with Angular Persistence and Security (2017-02-22) auth0.com
5 Potential Use Cases for Serverless Frameworks (2017-02-18) www.programmableweb.com
Meet Backands New Serverless SDK (2017-02-14) blog.backand.com
The Benefits of a Serverless API Backend (2017-02-16) nordicapis.com
Building a Serverless Application with Stormpath Authentication (2017-02-15) stormpath.com
The Freedom of AWS Lambda (2017-02-14) dzone.com
Tweet Hear from Expedia ampamp how it uses serverless in its applications and workloads httpstcowxgrj34ezY (2017-02-11) twitter.com
How Lambdas And Anonymous Inner Classes Work (2017-02-07) dzone.com
Removing Duplicate Code With Lambda Expressions (2017-02-08) dzone.com
Understanding Serverless Cloud and Clear (2017-02-09) dzone.com
Fission Serverless Functions as a Service for Kubernetes (2017-01-30) blog.kubernetes.io
Platform9s Fission Puts an Open Source Spin on Serverless (2017-01-31) www.sdxcentral.com
Writing a cron job microservice with Serverless and AWS Lambda (2017-01-30) blog.readme.io
Automatic SlideShare Text Summarization (2017-01-19) blog.algorithmia.com
Ten Attributes of Serverless Computing Platforms (2017-01-19) thenewstack.io
AWS Lambda A Look Back at 2016 (2017-01-14) aws.amazon.com
Tweet Building a Serverless REST API in Go httpstco5Y4OzUhEF7 (2017-01-11) twitter.com
AWS Lambda Performance and Cold Starts (2017-01-12) dzone.com
Serverless Microservices With AWS and Couchbase (2017-01-09) dzone.com
Indexing Metadata in Amazon Elasticsearch Service Using AWS Lambda and Python (2017-01-09) aws.amazon.com
Splunk and AWS Monitoring Metrics in a Serverless World (2017-01-06) blogs.splunk.com
Triggering Lambda Functions With an AWS IoT Button (2016-12-30) dzone.com
REST With Lambdas and Wicket 8 (2016-12-29) dzone.com
Making Spring Boot Applications Run Serverless With AWS (2016-12-18) dzone.com
The Power of Java 8 Lambdas for REST API Development (2016-12-13) quantixcap.wordpress.com
Lambda Architecture with Apache Spark (2016-11-03) dzone.com
Automatically convert files in S3 buckets using AWS Lambda (2016-10-17) cloudconvert.com
Building A Serverless Screenshot Service with Lambda (2016-10-14) medium.com
Tweet Just for fun Lambdalike Functions with Nodejs and Docker httpstco7QUFmIyiR9 (2016-10-05) twitter.com
GitHub dougmoscropserverlesshttp Middleware wrapper for serverless use (2016-10-07) github.com
Running Express Applications on AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway (2016-10-04) aws.amazon.com
New Alexa Technical Tutorial Debugging AWS Lambda Code Locally (2016-09-27) developer.amazon.com
Serverless WebSocket chat (2016-09-29) blog.fanout.io
Tweet What are Webtasks and how to go serverless with themhttpstcozb9fHrVkDh nodejs httpstcoCKOynqPmat (2016-09-20) twitter.com
Tweet No servers no shenanigans Now it039s even easier to build Twilio apps w Lambda using the updated AWS API Gateway httpstcoe9xPpPdS7Y (2016-09-20) twitter.com
Troy Hunt Azure Functions in practice (2016-09-23) www.troyhunt.com
Challenge Accepted Building A Better Australian Census Site with Serverless Architecture (2016-09-22) medium.com
Serverless Architectures The Evolution of Cloud Computing (2016-09-22) dzone.com
A new serverless adventure at Auth0 (2016-09-19) codebetter.com
Monitoring Serverless Architectures Microservices and Containerized Applications (2016-09-14) www.opsclarity.com
Build a Serverless Slack Bot with Webtaskio (2016-09-14) auth0.com
Dos and Donts of AWS Lambda (2016-09-13) medium.com
Lambda vs IronWorker (2016-08-29) www.iron.io
A Container Is A Function Call (2016-08-31) glyph.twistedmatrix.com
Serverless Elasticsearch Curator on AWS Lambda (2016-08-29) www.elastic.co
Serverless Computing and Microservices With Ironio and Mesosphere (2016-08-29) dzone.com
The Data Briefing Microservices and Serverless Apps A New Direction for Federal Government Mobile Apps (2016-08-24) www.digitalgov.gov
Create a Serverless RESTful API With the Serverless Framework (2016-08-14) blog.codeship.com
Where AWS is headed Every function as a managed cloud service (2016-08-11) www.zdnet.com
Webda Welcome to Serverless Applications (2016-08-08) dzone.com
4 Steps To Secure Serverless Applications (2016-08-08) medium.com
Create a Serverless RESTful API on AWS (2016-08-05) dzone.com
Building Serverless Apps With AWS Lambda (2016-08-03) dzone.com
Brightwork Develop serverless apps using Javascript (2016-08-02) www.brightwork.io
Error Reporting for AWS Lambda (2016-08-01) dzone.com
Command Everything With a Serverless Slack Bot (2016-07-26) dzone.com
Building Serverless Apps with AWS Lambda (2016-07-19) auth0.com
Tweet Learn how smartnews built a Lambda Architecture on AWS to recommend content to customers httpstcogWpVQStbYA httpstcoeqnofXKQ13 (2016-07-18) twitter.com
Serverless Big Data Pipeline on AWS (2016-07-18) dzone.com
The next big thing Serverless (2016-06-17) jexia.com
Serverless Invalidating a DynamoDB Cache (2016-07-10) dzone.com
Integrate SQS and Lambda Serverless Architecture for Asynchronous Workloads (2016-05-26) dzone.com
What Is Serverless (2016-06-17) dzone.com
Serverless Microservices and Minimal Ops Current Limitations of AWS Lambda (2016-06-17) dzone.com
Serverless Data Sync in Web Apps With Bit Torrent (2016-06-17) dzone.com
A Look at Serverless Architectures (2016-06-20) dzone.com
Building serverless apps with Docker (2016-06-21) blog.docker.com
Building Serverless Apps With Webtaskio (2016-07-03) dzone.com
The Life of a Serverless Microservice on AWS (2016-07-04) dzone.com
OpenShift Ecosystem Ironio Brings a Serverless Experience to OpenShift (2016-06-29) blog.openshift.com
FaaS PaaS and the Benefits of the Serverless Architecture (2016-06-25) www.infoq.com
Serverless Approaches To Deploying Code Will Help Unwind Some Of The Technical Debt We Have (2016-05-09) apievangelist.com
Now API Instant serverless NodeJS deployments with an API (2016-05-10) zeit.co
Java 8 Lambda FunctionsUsage and Examples (2016-05-04) dzone.com
Reducing complexity with serverless API architecture (2016-05-06) blog.dreamfactory.com
Serverless Architectures on AWS (2016-05-02) dzone.com
DevOps gold nuggets scaling down gracefully with AWS Lambda and HAProxy (2016-04-27) www.contentful.com
Introducing Lambda Support on Ironio (2016-04-27) dzone.com
Sap Tv Asks ironio to Explain Microservices (2016-04-26) dzone.com
MagicStack A serverless API platform that gives you more features with less code (2016-04-26) betalist.com
Article Lambda Functions versus Infrastructure Are we Trading Apples for Oranges (2016-04-21) www.infoq.com
Glotio an open source pastebin with runnable snippets and API (2016-04-23) glot.io
Microsoft Gets into Serverless Apps with Azure Functions (2016-04-15) www.infoq.com
Sending Amazon CloudWatch Logs to Loggly With AWS Lambda (2016-04-11) dzone.com
Why A Cloud Guru Runs Serverless on AWS (2016-04-10) www.programmableweb.com
Publishing Your Skill Code to Lambda via the Command Line Interface (2016-04-06) developer.amazon.com
Get a Job Container A Serverless Workflow with Ironio (2016-04-05) dzone.com
Microsoft launches AWS Lambda competitor Azure Functions in preview (2016-03-31) venturebeat.com
Serverless Delivery Architecture Part 1 (2016-03-20) dzone.com
GitHub serverlessserverless Serverless Framework Build and maintain web mobile and IoT applications running on AWS Lambda and API Gateway formerly known as JAWS (2016-03-22) github.com
Implementing Slash Commands Using Amazon Lambda Functions Writing Tests (2016-03-21) blog.ouseful.info
Sketching a Slack Slash Parliamentary AutoResponder Using AWS Lambda Functions (2016-03-21) blog.ouseful.info
Fresh from the press Market scan API Serverless Architecture (2016-03-23) restlet.com
Serverless Microservices in JavaScript (2016-03-18) www.thedotpost.com
Lambda of Lambda ifElse From an Optional (2016-03-13) dzone.com
AWS Lambda Functions (2016-03-07) developmentseed.org
Algorithmia is now free forever (2016-03-01) blog.algorithmia.com
AWS Lambdabacked Custom Resources for Stack Outputs Resources and Parameters (2016-02-22) dzone.com
Project Kratos Enables AWS Lambda Code to Run on Multiple Clouds (2016-02-21) www.infoq.com
Microcontainers Tiny Portable Docker Containers (2016-02-19) www.iron.io
Google Introduces Cloud Functions (2016-02-13) www.infoq.com
Running AWS Lambda Functions in AWS CodePipeline Using CloudFormation (2016-02-12) dzone.com
Google has quietly launched its answer to AWS Lambda (2016-02-09) venturebeat.com
Google Announces Cloud Functions Takes on AWS Lambda (2016-02-11) www.programmableweb.com
New Slack Integration Blueprints for AWS Lambda (2016-01-13) aws.amazon.com

If you think there is a link I should have listed here feel free to tweet it at me, or submit as a Github issue. Even though I do this full time, I'm still a one person show, and I miss quite a bit, and depend on my network to help me know what is going on.